The South Hill Drainage Project, was a massive project located in Pierce county Washington, comprised of 5 large drainage ponds that cascaded from on to the other until reaching the main pond with The Hemlock Ponds pumping station.† Each motor section of the M.C.C. has independent control of a 150HP pump, with built in safety circuits (Overload, Phase loss, Thermal motor cutout, alarms for pond level cutout), and all the control logic for itís pump to operate.† Then We added a control panel with a US Filter D620i triplex controller at it heart, for automatic operation and monitoring of station operation.† All building and site functions were routed into out M.C.C. and Master control Panel. Alarm conditions for the station were routed into an on-site Annunciator as well as a S.C.C. telemetry unit built for Pierce County in Washington state.† All functions of this station are monitored from the countyís main office, and crews can be dispatched at a moments notice if any station failure occurs.† S.C.C. worked very closely with county engineers, as well as on site contractors to provide a well operating station, that keeps homes and people safe from flooding that had previously caused much grief for residents in the area.

Pictured Left: M.C.C. and Master control panel for this pumping station, Containing (ATS, VFDís, Line monitor, Disconnects, Load center and power transformer for station, Annunciator, chart recorders, and D-620i pump controller.

Pictured Left: Main control room for the Hemlock Ponds pumping station.† Emergency generator alarms and controls were incorporated

Into S.C.C.ís† Master Control Panel to insure when the power goes down the station stays operational, and informs the county of the power issue immediately so that repairs can be started as soon as possible.

Pictured Left:† View of single pump control bucket in the M.C.C. All control logic for operation† of each pump is located in separate buckets.† This allows service to one if needed without taking the others offline.†

Pictured Left: Master control panel for this pumping station,†† The heart of the Hemlock Ponds station, contains annunciator, D620i pump controller, Tigermag flowmeter, ISRís chart recorders, and controls the entire station when running in automatic m ode.


Pictured Right:† Pump room for the Hemlock station, showing 2 of the massive 150HP pumps that are controlled by the M.C.C. and† Master Control Panel