The North Hill Sewage duplex pumping station was designed

Around ABB softstarters with Isolation contactors before and after the softstarters.  Control logic for this system used a primary and secondary system for operational redundancy. The primary system runs off of a Timemark controller with a Foxboro pressure transducer on a bubbler control setup.  The secondary control system runs off of a Milltronics Hydroranger with an ultrasonic transducer.  The city liked this panel so much that they have ordered several more for some of their newer stations. 

The engineering of this station was based on several meetings with the city’s Sewage maintenance staff and associated engineers to use control systems and components that they have been using and are quite familiar with.  S.C.C. took the information gathered in these meetings, and produced submittal drawings for approval by city engineers, and once they had a system that they were happy with production began, and the well laid out panel shown here was produced as the first of a standardized lift station that they could use on any of their sewage collection sites.