The Northwest Landing

Sewage lift station, our

Pierce County standard

Design, is a duplex

Pumping station operating on a US-filter d153 controller, with hardwired float redundant backup controls in case of controller failure.  These panels are proven solid in control logic and performance.

Left: The power and telemetry side of Nortwest Landing’s duplex pumping station.  We use our Model 102 Telemetry panel, designed specifically for use as a pierce county standard plug and play telemetry system..  Automatic transfer switch located inside inner door to keep personnel safe.


Right: ATS and controls keep these stations up and running on generator power if city power fails

Well laid out with attention to detail for functionality, serviceability, and appearance S.C.C.’s control panels are a step above the competition in reliability and performance.  When your control panel needs to perform well, look good,  and be easily maintainable… use a Superior control panel for all your applications.

On-site startup services can be provided with any and all control panels.  S.C.C. startup personnel will assist electricians with all questions and hookup problems that arise, verify telemetry functions with city technicians, as well as programming and calibrating station for operation within city parameters.  During startup services, S.C.C. will run the station through all control logic , verifying that all alarms and functions operate as desired.   On-site training of city personnel, can also be provided by our  service technicians.